New Construction Of A Platner Pool

At Platner Pools, we attempt to set the standard for luxury pools and spas. From the initial planning of swimming pool designs to your first swim, the construction of your new pool is supervised by owner and operator Steve Platner. We want to make sure you receive the highest quality pool in a timely manner, based solely on your preferences and backyard space. Whether we’re building a large or small recreation area for you and your family, we’ll make certain it’s completed with the highest quality in the best time frame.

For 20 years, we’ve been creating luxurious and original swimming pool designs in Los Angeles County. Because we have so much experience, we’re well aware of the best materials available, and are better able to advise you on design and budget requirements. Whether you’d like a fireplace or waterfall to give your backyard that extra something, we can build one to suit your needs and complement your pool at the same time.

While the timeframe for completing your project isn’t set in stone, we can narrow it down based upon the swimming pool designs you choose. One thing to keep in mind throughout the project is that some things take longer than others, and there may be delays based on what permits and inspections are required. Weather may also play a role in delaying the completion of your backyard area, though we’ll work at every moment possible to complete your pool or spa.

In general, it takes less than 60 days to complete your project, beginning the moment you approve the final swimming pool designs. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always take this long, but it’s possible you may experience this time frame. Take a look at our step by step guide of your swimming pool construction for more information.

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